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Dearest, My four-year-old is way more spiritually advanced than me. Watch this and you will see what I mean.  When I was a kid, most of my wishes were kid-wishes: I’d wish for infinity wishes or the ability to fly under my own power. But I also remember wishing for a warm, dry place to sleep. Though we had a great childhood full of adventures and our mom loved us fiercely, sometimes our family simply didn’t have the money to put a roof over our heads and from time to time we found ourselves homeless and sleeping in a tent.  I'm an adult with kids of my own now, but I still remember what it's like to wish for a place...

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MISHA COLLINS speaks on Jacmel Children's Center

Interview with Misha Collins About Jacmel Children’s Center @lawyerashley: What is the most rewarding part of seeing a project like this through? What is the hardest? How do you keep from getting overwhelmed? Misha: It's great to see an idea evolve from concept to completion and see the tremendous impact it makes. That sometimes painfully slow evolution is also the hardest part, so I keep from getting overwhelmed by taking satisfaction from knowing that I've put countless hardworking staff and volunteers through the ringer to get our goals accomplished. Schadenfreude is a great stress reliever. @fangirlingjess: Does raising awareness for causes like these become more difficult when there isn't an immediate crisis to respond to? Misha: It does. People are...

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