Hey, charity warriors: we're interested to hear what this community means to you. Have any of our actors' campaigns affected you in a positive way or inspired you to do more? What have you liked about them? How have the campaigns affected your personal involvement in philanthropy or charity? Tell us everything. Get seriously feelsy with it, we can take it.

Tania Atkins
Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

In 6 weeks time i graduate from university and become a registered nurse! I plan to work in mental health in hopes of supporting my patients to deal with their disease, not to be ashamed of it as i have been for years... i love SPN and everything it stands for, the show, the characters, the actors and their families, the fans and these campains are what have inspired me to "always keep fighting" i could not have made it this far if i didn't have SPN to inspire me everyday to enable me follow my dreams and achieve my goal! Of becoming a mental health nurse!!
For that i thank you all Xx

Supported: Rob Benedict's "Rock God" Campaign

I am a HUGE Rob fan, I think he is the kindest and sweetest guy. I'm so proud of him and everything he's achieved with this campaign as we all know how much the Stroke Association means to him. Rob is everything you could wish for in a person and has helped me in many ways I can't express in words. Thank you Rob.

Supported: Lana's "Long Live the Queen" Campaign

Hello. I want to order a sweater "Love đź’” Hate" delivery to Russia is free? How to pay?

Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

When I became a member of the SPN Family, I found that the love & kindness was just amazing. I have suffered from depression, anxiety & PTSD since I was a child and this family is the best medicine I could’ve ever come across! I supported the SPN Love campaign, the YANA campaign & Ruth Connell’s Rowena’s Coven Couture. All are causes that are near & dear to my heart: mental health awareness, Random Acts, breast cancer. Most recently, I was paired with a donor for Rachel Miner’s Clarence campaign. I can’t thank Stands, the awesome actors that stand behind these campaigns & the people who donate enough. I’m forever grateful!

Michelle Jimerson Morris
Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

I thought I had a picture of my shirts on this tablet, but I don't. I actually have supported many campaigns, Rock God, Wayward, AKF, now Clarence and purchased for others, bought extra stock items, etc. Shirts knows my address and name well. Lol. I had been taught to give often, but to do so anonymously. I still do that, but proclaim my views proudly, which I had not done before. I was always the one to go against the grainof my Southern family and be more passionate about the earth, equality, the arts know ledge and more.

When my father was transferred to Kansas City in 1982 with ATF, I became extremely interested in both music, theater and history. When I was 16 I met my soul mate who was a theater major at a MissourI college when I met him in 1988 at the local Renaissance Festival and then a couple months later at a New Year's Eve a party for our Community Theater.we married in 1990, I was 20, he was 27. Fast forward to 2005.

Our daughter Katie was born in 2001 and started showing signs of Aspergers, Anxiety, sensory processing disorder and mood disorder. It would be 2 years before we could get help, but I watched her dissappear before my eyes. In 2004, my son, Jami, was born. We didn't know when Jami was conceived there was anything different with Katie. 2006, we were given official diagnoses of Aspergers, Adhd,Anxiety, mood disorder, depression and sensory processing disorder. We also were told by the psychologist that Willam, my Husband, has Aspergers and Adhd. I became Katie's Occupational therapist, physically therapist and her researcher. (I am a Research Historian by profession.) Missouri did not have Autism laws then and our Insurance did not pay. Soon Jami showed Aspergers, Anxiety, mood disorder and sensory processing as well.

At some point about 12 years I went from episodic migraines to chronic everyday migraines, trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia. I take medication everyday, but I still experience stroke symptoms with my migraines, which is scary. I homeschool my children. I advocate for mental health and chronic illness. At this point my children at 16 and 12, mostly stable, competitive Irish dancers and are as concerned about the world as I am. My daughter, Katie, was recently injured in dance with a life-threatening infection as a result. We missed most of Gish week, sadly, but I wore as many t-shirts in the hospital during the 9 days as I could. Received many compliments. We left the flowers for the nurses and food cards for other families. Every little bit makes a difference right?

Evelien Roos
Supported: Kim Rhodes & Briana Buckmaster "Wayward AF" Campaign

Whenever I wear this shirt, I feel very good about whatever I am doing. This picture is me, being #WaywardAF for GISHWHES 2016. Despite having a big fear of heights and falling, I climbed the wing of our local windmill. I was standing a wobbly 36-40 ft above the ground. I was scared, but felt AWESOME! Currently buying Rachel Miner's "be the Clarence" t-shirt. Another awesome campaign!

Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

In October 2015 I was diagnosed with a rare corneal disease. In short, I was going blind. The only cure was corneal transplants. As a single mom with two boys, I sort of assumed my life was over. No more of my favorite things: reading, watching Supernatural or even driving my beloved mustang. I had to rely on my youngest son, Sam, to drive me everywhere. I worried about losing my job. I seriously felt so alone with this disease. Then the "You Are Not Alone" campaign came out just at the time I really needed to hear those words. I bought the shirt and kept saying the words to myself. And hoped.

It worked. People I never suspected came through for me. My stepmom flew out to Baltimore with me and met a wonderful eye specialist at the Wilmer's Eye Institute. She came and stayed for both transplants - one in April and one in Aug (no GISHWHES that year). I wore my YANA shirt and my WonderWoman pj bottoms for courage. Today, I have near perfect sight in both eyes. Thanks to my family, the corneal donors and their families, Dr. Jun and all the staff at John Hopkins and the SPN family who gave me the strength I needed when I thought I was alone and at the bottom. (I am tearing up now...)

Thank you Jensen, Misha and Jared too. Keep up the good work guys and remember. You really are not alone. ^_^

Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

I'd like to tell my mom's story. Supernatural saved her life, She has more supernatural shirts than anyone person can wear in a lifetime.She's not a big believer in fingerling celebrities because they are just people too, but if she was in the same room as the impala, that's where she would fangirl to tears! My dad bout her a new black impala with the license plate BABY on them. She loves the car and respects the actors. My mom is the most giving person anyone will ever meet. She gives to the point sometimes my dad tells her we can't. The last four years have been the most heart wrenching and sad for my dad, my two brothers, me and especially my mom. We live in a town in New England exactly one mile long. To say everyone knows everyone is an understatement. My parents moved here when I was two years old. I have an older sister, an older brother, then there's me and I have my Irish twin a younger brother. (Irish twin by the way means we are born less than a year apart, we are actually the same age for four days, my brother hates it but I love it because I'm a ginger #redhair!) Anyways, my dad worked at the local power plant that was up in the air if they would continue running until 2012 when they announced they would stay open another 20 years. Until that point we rented a house, January 2012 the day of my parents anniversary we moved into our first home that was ours. My parents had their dream home, the plant was going to stay open and life seemed good, in fact great! We all had nice bedrooms and the house was big with a huge yard and a garage and everyone seemed happy. Everyone but my sister. She said the house was pretentious, yet when my dad went to cosign on a sensible car for her she spotted a sporty car that he was not going to buy her because of the price so the next day she went and got that car anyways and her interest rate on the dumb car was like 24 percent! I thought my dad was going to have a stroke! As always it was my mother that calmed him down and got her to better her credit and find a different bank to cover the loan at a lower rate. That's my mom, the peacemaker, the one that can find a solution and silver lining anywhere. My mom had a surgery that went horribly wrong and put her in so much pain it almost unbearable. It took almost 3 years and countless doctors to eventually find a hole slowly tearing in her stomach from the botched surgery. Watching her hurt physically is one thing but seeing her destroyed mentally is another, and knowing your sister did it makes it even worse. My older sister is a bully, she always has been. She bullied everyone including my mom but not my dad! When she was a junior in high school her bullying was taken to another level towards my brother, he's 6 years younger than her and weighs a lot less than her. My sister had a lot of rules, and she had asked my parents to please not be as stricked on us ,so they respected her enough to do just that. My brother was in the sixth grade when she hit him the first time. My mother yelled and took care of it, so she thought. Well, turns out my sister changed her mind on my brother not having all the rules and she started giving him her own version, the physical kind. My parents were not violent but could be stern and getting grounded was the biggest punishment of all. Yes my sister did get grounded for an entire year for not listening to my mother and doing what she wanted when she was in middle school. We were never beat. Unfortunately that was what my sister did to my older brother on an almost regular basis after she graduated high school. My mom would try her hardest to get her to stop but sister was out of control. She kept this from my dad because though my dad loves my sister he would have had her kicked out or arrested or both. He's a man of principle, do the crime do the time. The worst part is my brother wouldn't have to do anything to provoke her, sometimes all he had to do is walk into a room and she'd start to hitting him, and when she was tore off him by my mother she'd yell at him to "GO DIE". My mom had lost control of our home and was scared of my sister too. None of us found this out until recently, which makes what she did to my mother even worse. Turns out my mom had every right to be scared of her.My sister wanted out of the house and instead of being truthful about it she took the vengeful route. My younger brother had to have emergency surgery while my sister was at work and the day before she had tossed her cellphone to my dad and got her own plan and lied to his face when he asked for her new phone number and said they hadn't given it to her yet. So my mom was in the emergency room with my brother whose appendix were literally seconds away from bursting and he had a bad reaction to the morphine they had given him for the pain, it was scary. She made three quick phone calls outside in the waiting area, one to my dad at work telling him to get to the hospital, one home telling my brother to tell my sister what was going on so she could drive us to the hospital after she got out of work, and one to a close family friend asking her to come get my moms mini van because she would be staying overnight with my brother and wanted to be able to ride home with him and my dad when he was released. That's my mom, the caretaker, the one who loves and tries to make things better for everyone but herself.My sister came home, my brother told her what was going on and she got really angry at my mom for not calling her at work. well, my mom did not have her work number and no longer even had her cell number, and my mom was not about to leave my brother to go look up her work number on the internet and try to get through to her. My sister saw this as her opportunity to move out. So as my little brother was being operated on she moved out and moved in with her friends family because her friends mother was a great mom,far better according to my sister, than my mom, which is so wrong!.She sent my mother a Facebook message telling her she was fine but not where she was. My mom already knew where she went, we all did. Turns out her new family wasn't as great as she said seeing they encouraged her to move in a matter of almost a month of living with them to Texas with an acquaintance of a friend. For someone so smart even I knew that was stupid. She came and said goodbye and left. When she got to Texas her new roommate took her for thousands of dollars in credit card bills and left her high and dry. My mom bought her expensive kitchen items and sent her money and that's about the time my sister became a person I don't want to know. My mom was bailing her out of her mistakes and she was referring to my mom on the speaker phone in front of all my sister's new friends as her biological mother! What? Yes all my sister's accomplishments were given to her friends mother. It broke my mother's heart. Finally my mom had enough and called her out on all her lying. My mom informed her that she too had hopes and dreams and put them aside to be a mom. My sister being who she is twisted what my mom said and told her she said she regretted having her and of course her friends were present for that talk too. The last conversation my mom had with my sister was in 2013 I think. She informed my mom she was going to be surrounded by celebrities and be loved by a great guy and they'll get married and have kids and my mother will never be apart of them. My mom cried and said well, that's a shame because I know I would be a really great grandmother.Truth is, my mom will be the worlds best grandmother! Now here's where it get's worse. My sister started a website for anti bullying, which is hypercritical big time seeing she is a bully. She took her need or sick desire to hurt my mom further when she came into our small town from Texas and went to the local salon or gossip central and had her hair done by the same close friend that picked up my mom's mini van at the hospital,a friend we vacationed with her family and spent holidays with. Well, the friend never told my mom my sister was here or had been in town until long after she was gone and my brother happened to hear about it. Turns out my sister told the hairdresser that my mom was bipolar and all these really untrue hurtful things. My mom was really active in the schools and the community, she ran the concession stand for our pee wee football league for 4 years and made almost 20 thousand dollars from selling hot dogs and french fries every single Sunday starting in early September to early October. No one ever made that amount from the concession stand in still it's history today! That's my mom she gives her all to everything and everyone. My sister destroyed her in a week by gossip that is so untrue. My mom stopped getting asked to volunteer, she has been shunned by the women she used to be friends with. She still doesn't know why my sister did it. After it happened she became severly depressed, she tried anti depressants and turns out the side effects almost killed her body let alone her mind. So she stayed home all the time sad and lost, I lost my mom, my sister took her from me. It wasn't until last year my junior year of high school that I finally was told the truth. My mom during the peak of the rumors became very suicidal. The one thing that remained her constant was watching Supernatural. She used to watch a soap opera with Jensen. When I was little she would tell me she was watching the Scary Scary show and I couldn't watch. Now I watch with her, my favorite character is Castiel ( Misha Collins) During this time of my moms really bad depression Jared launched Always Keep Fighting and my mom had a hand full of sleeping pills and had posted on the site that some thing about the pain was too much and she intended to take all the pills and never wake up. In a matter of a couple of seconds I'm not sure if it was fate or luck or why but she had a response and all it said was Don't give up Always Keep Fighting @jarpad. She said she thought someone was playing a cruel joke so she clicked on @jarpad and it took her to the real confirmed page, it was Jared telling her don't, and she figured if he actually could take the time to respond to a hurting mom then she could get through one more day.She got through a lot more days after that because he responded again on a bad day and he gave her the hope she needed to stay and not go.She wasn't alone. There was a whole page of people like her. I've just turned 17 and knowing now what I didn't then makes me want people to know that you can't judge someone by someone's version of them. My mom has been judged by people that believed my sister because of the other source that spread it,not because they believed my sister. Reality is not many people liked my sister because she was a know it all a belittled people not as smart as her. I want to bring awareness that Bullying your family is not okay anymore than being a bully at school! Not long after the rumor mill started my mom got really sad again because she has been so outcasted and she used to have so much fun.She worried about my sister to the point of not sleeping. The not knowing if she was alright was killing her. I didn't understand it seeing my sister was the one who wanted us all out of her life. Who cares if she's okay! I mean I'm so mad at her for destroying our family, and hurting my mom and both my brothers. My little brother said he will never forgive her for not coming to the hospital when he almost died, and my oldest brother to this day still flinches if you move too quick near him and my mom is not the strong person she was, the fight is gone, the hurt is always there if my sister's name is mentioned. She begged my brother for forgiveness over my sister hurting him and he understands she didn't or couldn't pick between two kids she loves with all her heart. He's forgiven my mom and he's been a constant help trying to get her to forgive herself, but we all know she never truly will. My mom was a fighter she lost her one of her older brothers in a car accident after my oldest brother was born and both my grandparents in the year my youngest brother was born. My grandma, my mom's mom died while she was six months pregnant with my younger brother and five months to the day of my grandma's death my grandpa died, her dad. My mom is the youngest of six kid's and guess who's job it was to make all the arrangements ? Yep my mom! She lost her mom and I was only 9 months old so I have no memory of either grandparent but my grandma no one saw coming she had a massive heart attack, my grandpa had cancer and everyone was prepared as much as they could be. My mom misses her mom every single day she says. My dad said they were always on the phone and my grandma was here all the time, so to have a kid disown you to get, I guess sympathy and to be so mean about it. I just don't get it.My sister knew my mother's loss and took it further by cutting her out of her life. Now I have a mom in a constant state of grief. She say's she's lost a child and though my sister may not be dead to my mom it feels like she is. My oldest brother kept my sister on Facebook though he refuses to speak her just so my mom knows she's alive. The truth is my sister got everything she wanted, she is surrounded by celebrities because she works for a company that take photos at comic cons, she's got her boyfriend and is as happy as can be. I'm happy for her, I really am. I hope her life is all that she wants but I will never let her back and neither will my brothers. She took something , someone we loved and made her into a shell of who she used to be and there is NO reason for doing that to my mom that loves us and sacrificed everything for us.Especially my sister! I was told by one of my friends who still is friends with my sister that she actually is personal friends to Misha Collins and he wrote her a letter on her birthday. My dad is sending my mom to a Supernatural Con for as a surprise birthday present. She's going to cry I just know it, but they'll be happy tears for a change!My biggest worry is what did my sister say to Misha about my parents? I know she dropped our last name and goes by her middle name now. Such a shame that she is this person. She left my mom in such a place that she will never be the same. I wish I could scream sometimes at my sister, not that it would do any good but my mom is going to feel like she took something else away from her when she finds out about the birthday letter and my dad said we have to tell her in case my sister is working the event. The hurt that she's going to feel knowing that somewhere there were lies told and what lies, even I don't want to imagine. Supernatural is what she watched when she just couldn't get out of bed. It's what got her this far, it was Jared that saved her that day.I would come home from school and go into her room and lay down and hold her hand and she would cry and tell me thank you and we would watch Supernatural together in silence. Sometimes me being in there would help her sleep. Sometimes I just needed to be in there because I missed my mom. I have to wonder myself, one star saved my mom's life and another most likely thinks she's a monster. One plays an angel and my sister doesn't believe in God, and hates that the rest of us do.I want my mom to finally to be able to say thank you to Jared. I'm writing him a letter too, because he saved her and I owe him a thank you more than he'll ever really know. My moms my best friend. She's better but not the same. She made my dreams come true on my birthday last month by taking me to New York City to see Brendan Urie from Panic At The Disco star in the Broadway play Kinky Boots. We had front row seats! Not only did I see the play, I got to meet Brendan Twice! I wanted to pay it forward to someone on my birthday so my mom managed to get Brendan Urie's bodyguard Zach to gift a lucky person an extra front row ticket next to us! He couldn't believe we were giving away a front row seat! He got really excited and said he wanted it but he was working! That would have been great too if he could have watched with us because he's really funny! He found the perfect person to gift the ticket to! The girl he found was so nice, she had just moved to the city for work a week prior and had a standing room only ticket. She couldn't believe her luck, she had been trying to win the shows ticket lottery but didn't and then there's Zach! He explained it was my birthday and I wanted to pay it forward. So when she sat next to us she kept asking what she could do to pay us back? My mom looked over at me and smiled and said to her just pay it forward to someone else when you can! THAT'S MY MOM!!!!!!!!!!! NO MONSTER IN SIGHT!!!!!! If Jared ever reads this I owe him more than any words I will put on paper, he saved my mom! If Misha reads this, there's always two sides to every story, and like my mother says. The truth lies somewhere in between, but in my 17 year old knowledge of living and seeing it, my sister is more lost than my mom will ever be. Sorry it's so long . Thank you for reading and listening!

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