Food Adventurer Letterpress Art Print
Food Adventurer Letterpress Art Print

Sale!Food Adventurer Letterpress Art Print

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Help your “picky” eater pry open their palates and discover new foods with this adventurous art print. Studies show that it takes some kids at least 10 to 15  tries before  learning to like a new food. Most parents in the US stop serving kids a new food after a kid rejects it twice.

Use this print to celebrate your kids’s adventurous eating as they discover the flavor and fun of real whole foods. Once a kid has tried a new food, they can color it in. They can circle the ones they like and then try the un-circled ones again later. Make it a game to color in every new food they try and watch your child’s perception of whole foods go from “yuck” to “can I have some kale salad” in no time flat. (Really.). 

  • 100% of author profits will go to charities that provide access to healthy food and the arts to underserved families, including Edible SchoolyardThe Garden School Foundation, and the Whatcom Farm to School Fund.
  • 11" x 14" / US
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