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Misha Collins' "I Wish For This" Bracelet

Misha Collins' "I Wish For This" Bracelet $19.99

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We're putting the power of wish fulfillment in the palm of your hands! (Well, around your wrist. Close enough.) The "I Wish For This" bracelet is a unique accessory designed by Misha Collins to make your wishes come true. Simply make a wish, then wrap the patented Wish-Granting Cord™ around your wrist and tie it. The dandelion-emblazoned Wish-Granting Charm™ will go with you everywhere to remind the Universe that you have an important wish to fulfill. When the cord breaks, your wish will be granted! At least, that's how we THINK it works... but please note that wish fulfillment on a deadline is not guaranteed! (Stands isn't responsible for the whims of the Universe, y'all.)

  • The "I Wish For This" bracelet will begin shipping within 1-2 days of placing your order. If your order also includes a backordered item, your order won't ship until all items are available.
  • Bracelets stamped brass with a nickel free finish / Coin is 17.9mm diameter / String cord ties to close /  String is 13.5" long


360 West 132nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061