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You asked for this. You campaigned aggressively. You bribed and begged and negotiated and tweeted and tweeted and tweeted and tweeted. We got the message. FINE.
When you’re having your roughest days (and we all have them), sometimes you need a soft, gentle, fuzzy, reminder that You Are Not Alone. And now, the YANA teddy bear is here for you to be your physical proof! Wearing their own tiny YANA shirt, they’re ready to snuggle up next to you and hang out until things are better again. They're made of absorbent, washable 100% real Teddy Bear materials in case a stray tear (or 1,000 of them) falls on their fur. No matter what’s going on, you can get through this. Above all else, remember: you are NOT alone.
Best of all, not only will it offer you a little support, your YANA Teddy Bear purchase will support others in need, too: a portion of proceeds will go to support Random Acts and help them conquer the world, one random acts of kindness at a time.
  • A portion of proceeds will benefit Random Acts
  • 11” sitting, 16” overall / Imported
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