SPN Family Love Sticker 4"x4"

SPN Family Love Sticker 4"x4" $9.99

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Stick a little SPNLove on everything around you! This “SPNLove” sticker will let you plaster your Supernatural Family Values everywhere you go. Show your SPNLove off on your folders. Your computers. Your car. Your little brother. The family dog. (Ok, maaaybe not the dog.) No matter where you stick it, thanks to the cleverly hidden, super-secret “anti-possession symbol” in the design, you’ll also be ensuring that they’re protected against all your basic general everyday demonic possession problems. (Which could come in handy to protect you against your little brother.)

Best of all, when you get your SPNLove sticker, you’ll be helping Random Acts! A portion of proceeds go to help programs at Random Acts, so your SPN Family Love will be spread around the world, helping to conquer the world… one random act at a time.



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