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SPN High Five T-shirt

SPN High Five T-shirt

SPN High Five T-shirt

SPN High Five T-shirt $25.99

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Gimme five… SPNFamily style! Nothing says “Supernatural high five” like this shirt. (Literally... it’s written right ON the shirt.) The blood-red handprint is proof whether it’s to help banish some unfriendlies or to grip someone tight and raise them from perdition, you’ve always got a brother’s back.

Get one for yourself or give one to someone you love as proof that you’d give them a hand. Best of all, 100% of profits go to charity. If that’s not worth a high five, we don’t know what is.

  • 100% of profits will go to Dreams2Acts
  • Orders begin shipping the second week of April
  • T-shirts 100% cotton / Hoodie 50% cotton, 50% polyester / Machine Wash / Imported
  • Text on back of t-shirt: We Don't Leave a Brother Hanging

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