SPN Pride Embracelet Charm (Limited Edition)

SPN Pride Embracelet Charm (Limited Edition)


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If you ask us, there’s nothing braver or more beautiful than being who you really are. So to celebrate Pride Month, we made this SPN Pride charm!

Whether you’re out and proud, an ally, still figuring things out, or maybe not ready to share that part of yourself with the world, you’re FAMILY to us… SPNFamily, to be precise. Wearing this charm will serve as a reminder that you’re never alone, and will help you show your support of LGBTQIA folks everywhere.

(Yes, you can still get it if you just really like Supernatural and rainbows, but that’s not what this is actually about. Get with the program.)

  • Embracelet sold separately
  • A portion of proceeds from the sales of this charm will benefit Animal Allies
  • SPN Pride charms will begin shipping within 1-2 days of placing your order. If your order also includes a backordered item, your order won't ship until all items are available.
  • Nickel free, plated stamped brass with enamel, 15mm