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Supernatural Nail Polish: So Get This Blue

Supernatural Nail Polish: So Get This Blue $9.99

"Hurry, only 53 left!"

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According to the lore, people who wear So Get This nail polish have all the answers. They are imbued with 943% better luck, hair, and fashion style. They also have a tendency to lose their shoe, but on the upside, they automatically become heroes with every purchase— a portion of proceeds from every bottle goes to support the Jacmel Children's Center! It even comes with a tiny laptop charm* so you can fact-check all this yourself— though why would you? If it’s on the Internet, so it has to be true! So get this (Nail polish) today!

*Wi-fi enabled hair not included
  • A portion of all proceeds goes to Jacmel Children's Center.
  • 0.5 fl oz.
  • Charm - 0.75 in. long, zinc alloy (lead and nickel free)
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