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Wayward AF Hoodie

Wayward AF Hoodie

Wayward AF Hoodie

Wayward AF Hoodie

Wayward AF Hoodie $44.99

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Admit it… you’re a badass! You go your own way. Sure, maybe sometimes people don’t always understand. That’s okay.  You embrace yourself just as you are— and you do the same for those around you. What others may see as “flaws”, you recognize as true character. You may not always be perfect, or always strong… but you’re always brave.

You’re Wayward AF… and in this new hoodie, you can show the world you’re proud to be the wayward spirit you are! Whenever you wear your Wayward AF hoodie, you’ll experience a deep warmth… Is it the 50-50% cotton/polyester cuddling you? Or maybe it’s the knowledge that by buying this hoodie, you’ve helped animals in need! A portion of proceeds will go to support the New Leash on Life charity, so every time you zip up this hoodie you can feel confident that you’ve made a difference in the world. Like you do.

See? We told you you’re a badass.

  • A portion of all proceeds will go to New Leash on Life
  • Orders begin shipping the second week of April
  • Hoodie 50% cotton, 50% polyester / Machine Wash / Imported



360 West 132nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061