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Wil Wheaton's "Owlbear" Pin

Wil Wheaton's "Owlbear" Pin $13.00




Let's get serious for a minute about Owlbear Conservation.

Sure, we know. Nobody has ever actually SEEN one. But over the years, we've all heard the myths about them. The legends. With all the reports of their huggy arms and stabby beaks, we feel confident that they must exist out there SOMEWHERE, and with earth's ecosystem in crisis we're sure they need our help. Luckily, a champion has risen to defend them. That champion is Wil Wheaton... and you.

Join Wil Wheaton in conserving the Owlbear! Join the Owlbear Conservation Society now and you'll get... well, you'll get this pin. But you'll also get the knowledge that not only will you be helping conserve the great (and definitely not fictional) Owlbear, but you'll ACTUALLY be supporting the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is a donor-supported, nonprofit organization that provides animal care and services for homeless and owned animals in the Greater Los Angeles Area. This organization offers lifesaving programs and services to animals and is dedicated to promoting humane treatment, compassion and care for all animals.

Even the Owlbear. If it existed. Which it probably totally does.



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